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Can you name the races of Arda?

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Created by AuleDurin I the Deathless
Not exactly a race, but more of a type of ghostThe Witch-King
Tormented elvesAzog
Subspecies of orc;stronger and more resistant to lightUgluk
One of the five Maiar that were sent to Middle Earth to help the free peoples fight SauronPallando
Greater AinurIrmo
Lesser AinurOsse
Possibly some form of Ainur; monstrous eight-legged creaturesUngoliant
Fallen Maiar; terrible creatures of fire and shadowGothmog
Giant serpent-like abomination created by MorgothScatha
Possibly a type of men; have big hairy feetFredegar 'Fatty' Bolger
Created by Yavanna; shepherds of the treesFladrif
Animated treesThe Old Man Willow
'Oldest and fatherless' and 'daughter of the River'; race unknown
Distorted hobbit; an example of what happens when you wear The One Ring for 500 years (not really a race)
Evil wolves
Created by Morgoth; one of them killed by Huan the HoundCarcharoth
Also created by Morgoth; most commonly found in the form of a batThuringwethil
Mentioned in The Hobbit while the company was crossing the Misty Mountains; it could might be an exaggaration of the thunder
Mentioned by Gandalf while he was fighting a Balrog in the depths of Khazad-dum
Possibly occupying the deserts of Harad
Giant elephant-like creatures from the jungles of Harad
Said to be an imitation of the Ents; most of them turn to stone when sunlight hits themWilliam Huggins
Lords of the birds; also migth be a form of AinurLandroval
Could be an imitation of the Giant eagles; gigantic, ugly looking bird-reptile mutants'The Witch-King's Beast'
Attacked the Fellowship infront of the doors of Moria
Mixture of men and orcs
Creatures that linger in the living world after they die (not exactly a race)The King of the Dead
Form of a ghost; found at the Barrow-downs
Breed of horses that only kings and princes of Rohan could ride (with exception of Tharkun)Shadowfax, Felarof
Very intelligent and powerful hound; not a race, but a single dog that could possibly be Maia
Beasts that were used to pull the battering ram Grond during the Siege of Minas Tirith
Talking black bird; helped Thorin and the Company (not the thrush)Carc, Roac
They could change form between Men and bears; unknown origin; probably just Men with special magic abilitiesBeorn, Grimbeorn
Crossbreed between Men and Trolls from Harad; could be an exaggaration of really large men that fought for the Haradrim army
Birds that serve as spies for the Dark Lord
Angelic beings; first to be created by Iluvatar
The One and only; creator of everything

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