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Can you name the gods, heroes and monsters of the Ancient Greece?

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 God of thunder and king of the gods
 God of the sea
 God of the underworld
 God of the music and the Sun
 God of vine
 Goddess of marriage and queen of the gods
 Goddess of agriculture and fertility
 Goddess of love
 Goddess of hunt and the Moon
 Messenger of the gods
 God of war
 God of fire and the smiths
 Goddess of wisdom
 Wife of Poseidon
 Wife of Hades
 God of pastures and forests
 Rhea's firstborn child
 Rhea's husband and the leader of the Titans
 God of the Sun; son of Titan Hyperion
 Titan of the sea
 Father of the Titans
 Mother of the Titans
 Father of the Titans' mother
 Hera's monstrous offspring
 Killed few Stymphalian birds
 Killed Medusa
 Killed Minotaur
 Killed Chimera
 Founder of Thebes; killed the Ares' dragon
 Solved the riddle of Sphinx
 Had a really long trip to home
 Almost invulnerable king of Myrmidons
 Sacrificed his own daughter; leader of Greeks at the siege of Troy
 Strongest warrior at the siege of Troy
 Zeus' favourite son
 The most beautiful woman in the world
 Trojan prince killed by Achilles
 Trojan prince that killed Achilles
 King of Troy at the time of the siege
 King of Sparta at the time of the siege
 Giant whirlpool and monstrous snake
 The Fates
 Sorceress that turned Odysseus' men into pigs
 Cyclops that ate few of Odysseus' men
 Odysseus' wife
 Odysseus' son
 Achilles' mother
 Lead the expedition to find the Golden Fleece
 Name of the ship
 Greatest mortal musician
 Hunted down the Calydonian boar
 Artemis' giant friend
 Poseidon raped her at the Athena's temple
 Sister of Cadmus; lover of Zeus
 Stole the fire from the gods
 Married Pandora
 Held the world at his shoulders
 Apollo's and Artemis' mother
 Pushed the giant boulder up the hill for eternity
 Made a nice meal of his son
 Agamemnon's non-sacrificed daughter
 Oedipus' father
 Blind prophet who spent 7 years as a prostitute
 Theseus' father
 Ancestor of the Rome
 Lion killed by Heracles
 Monster killed by Heracles
 Monster that helped that monster
 Zeus' lover turned in a cow
 Hundred-eyed keeper of that cow

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