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QUIZ: Can you name the 80s/90s cartoon from description ?

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Family of round green people who lived at the bottom of the garden.
A blood sucking bird who lived with a butler and a Nanny.
A travelling lion and his companions meet a princess.
The antics of three mischievous rodents.
The adventures of some bouncing bears.
The adventures of cat-like humanoid aliens
Toy factory rejects who live in a bin.
A superhero/secret agent rodent.
A clumsy detective has the help of his niece and her super-intelligent dog.
Childhood versions of well-known puppets live together in a nursery.
Crime-busting sea dwellers.
The most powerful man in the universe defends Eternia.
A gang of mischievous cats in New York
Cute family of hippo-like creatures.

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