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Whose part did Justin sing for the 'We are the World' remake?
What 4 instruments did Justin teach himself?
What is Justins moms name?
When Justin broke his foot, which song was he performing?
What song (by Ne-yo) did he sing at the competiton?
Why does Justin love to sing the song U Smile live?
Which 2 celebs wanted to sign him?
How long did it take for My world 2.0 to be certified Platinum in the US?
How old was Justins mom when she was pregnant with him?
Justins zodiac sign is..?
What is the name of Justins character on CSI?
What breed is his dog?
What is his managers name?
What mind puzzle can Justin Solve in under a minute?
What teen show did he guest star on in 2008?
What song did Justin sing at the White house for Obama family?
Justin made billboard history when how many singles made the top 40 before the album release?
What is Justins full name?
Is Justin right handed or left handed?
What was the name of the competition he entered and won second place?

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