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What year did George Washington become President of the U.S.?
Who wrote 'Ethan Frome' in 1911?
What hill was the Parthenon situated?
The Bastille had how many prisoners?
What Carribean port city was a haven for pirates during the 'Golden Age of Piracy'?
Charlemagne's grandsons' disputes ended when the Treaty of _____ was signed in 843.
When Napoleon escaped from Elba, how many days did he rule in France?
Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his ' I Have a Dream' speech in 1963 in what U.S. city?
In 1948, which Pennsylvania town experienced smog?
In 1961, what famous author shot himself in his Idaho home?
What strict law was passed after the Boston Tea Party?
Belief that a country's wealth determines how powerful it is, is known as?
What was the first steamboat called?
Octavian changed his named to what?
Romulus and ______ are rumored to have created the city of Rome.
Barry White's last album was released in what year?
What ethnic group did Johannes Gutenberg base the printing press on?
King Louis XVI married which Austrian noblewoman?
The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed in 1995 in what U.S. city?
Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?
Who assassinated John F. Kennedy?
What type of transportation was the LZ 129 Hindenberg?
The 'Jazz Singer' starred what actor?
The film 'Braveheart' was based on which historical figure?
Charles Dickens's 'A Tale of Two Cities' is set in what time period?
Who was Karl Marx's assistant?
The statue of David was sculpted by who?
The 2011 Earthquake-Tsunami caused severe damage to what Japanese Nuclear Power Plant?
What Spanish explorer destroyed the Aztec Empire?
Who became the first female Supreme Court Justice in 1981?

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