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QUIZ: Can you name the members of House Stark, their household, and their bannermen?

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House StarkLord of Winterfell, Warden of the North
House TullyHis wife
House StarkHis eldest son
House StarkHis eldest daughter
House StarkHis youngest daughter
House StarkHis younger son
House StarkHis youngest son
House StarkHis bastard son
House GreyjoyHis ward
House StarkHis elder brother [deceased]
House StarkHis younger sister [deceased]
House StarkHis younger brother
House StarkCounselor, tutor, and healer
House PooleSteward of Winterfell
House CasselCaptain of the Guard
House CasselMaster-at-arms
House StarkTutor to the Lord's daughters
House StarkKeeper of the castle sept and library
House StarkMaster of horse
House StarkKennelmaster
House StarkStoryteller, former wet nurse
House StarkSimpleminded stableboy
House StarkThe cook
House StarkSmith and armorer
House TallhartBannerman
House KarstarkBannerman, Lord of Karhold
House BoltonBannerman, Lord of Dreadfort
House UmberBannerman, Lord of Last Hearth
House GloverBannerman
House GloverBannerman
House ManderlyBannerman, Lord of White Harbor
House MormontLady of Bear Island

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