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QUIZ: Can you name the people involved with the King in the Narrow Sea in 'A Clash of Kings'?

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House BaratheonOlder of King Robert's brothers, Formerly Lord of Dragonstone
House FlorentHis wife
House BaratheonHis daughter
House EstermontHis uncle
House EstermontHis cousin
House BaratheonHealer and tutor, Old man
House BaratheonThe previous' successor
Faith of the SevenSepton of Dragonstone
House FlorentCastellan of Dragonstone
House BaratheonLackwit fool
Faith of R'hllorPriestess of R'hllor, Called the Red Woman
House SeaworthCaptain of Black Betha, Called the Onion Knight
House SeaworthThe previous' wife
House SeaworthCaptain of the Wraith
House SeaworthCaptain of the Lady Marya
House SeaworthSecond of Black Betha
House SeaworthOarmaster of Fury
House SeaworthSquire to the King
House SeaworthA boy of nine
House SeaworthA boy of six
House FarringSquire to the King
House CeltigarLord of Claw Isle
House VelaryonLord of the Tides and Master of Driftmark
House Bar EmmonLord of Sharp Point
House SunglassLord of Sweetport Sound
House RambtonKnight
House BaratheonPirate, Styled Prince of the Narrow Sea
House BaratheonA sellsail admiral

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