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Can you name the people involved with the King on the Iron Throne in 'A Clash of Kings'?

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House BaratheonEldest son of King Robert I Baratheon
House LannisterHis mother, Queen Regent and Protector of the Realm
House BaratheonHis sister
House BaratheonHis brother, Heir to the Iron Throne
House BaratheonHis uncle, Styling himself King XX
House BaratheonHis uncle, Styling himself King XX
House LannisterHis uncle, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
House LannisterHis uncle, Acting Hand of the King
House PayneThe previous' squire
N/ASellsword in the service of #8
Stone CrowsClansman in the service of #8
Burned MenClansman in the service of #8
Black EarsClanswoman in the service of #8
Moon BrothersClansman in the service of #8
House BaratheonCounselor, healer, and tutor
House BaelishMaster of coin
House SlyntLord Commander of the City Watch of King's Landing
N/AMaster of whisperers
House CleganeKnight of the Kingsguard
House BlountKnight of the Kingsguard
House TrantKnight of the Kingsguard
House OakheartKnight of the Kingsguard
House GreenfieldKnight of the Kingsguard
House MooreKnight of the Kingsguard
House PayneThe King's Justice
House LannisterCaptain of the red cloaks
House LannisterFormerly squire to King Robert
House LannisterFormerly squire to King Robert
House SantagarMaster-at-arms
House SwannSecond son to Lord Gulian Swann
House HayfordA babe at the breast
House HollardA drunk
Summer IslesExiled prince from the Summer Isles
House BaratheonJester and fool
House StokeworthHead of House Stokeworth
House StokeworthThe previous' elder daughter
House Stokeworth#35's younger daughter
House RosbyLord of Rosby
House RedwyneTwin brother of #40, Son of Lord Redwyne
House RedwyneTwin brother of #39, Son of Lord Redwyne
House SlyntEldest son of #17
House BywaterCaptain of the River Gate
Alchemists' GuildA wisdom of the Guild of Alchemists
House KettlebackHedge knight of unsavory reputation
House Brune of BrownhollowFreerider
N/AA singer

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