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In a quote often misattributed to Greek Historian Thucydides, one of these 'can ruin your entire day'.
Port in which the USS Maine sank in 1898, helping trigger the Spanish-American War.
This legendary oceanographer discovered the grave site of the Titanic in 1985.
Due to being sunk by a German U-boat in 1915, the RMS Lusitania never reached this destination port.
In 1916 the Titanic's sister ship, RMS Britannic, sank after hitting a mine off the Greek coast while serving in this capacity
On convoy escort duty, this US Navy Destroyer was sunk by a German U-boat 5 weeks BEFORE the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
The USS Arizona, sunk at Pearl Harbor in 1941 and preserved as a Memorial, was this type of naval vessel.
The Heavy Cruiser USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese submarine en route to the Philippines after delivering this to Tinian Island.
En route to this port, the Italian Passenger Liner Andrea Doria sank after colliding with the Swedish Passenger Liner Stockholm in 1956.
This US Navy Submarine was lost at sea off the coast of Massachusetts in 1963
This US Navy Submarine was lost at sea en route to Norfolk, Virginia in 1968
In 1975 the SS Edmund Fizgerald sank in a storm on Lake Superior while transporting this cargo.

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