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Can you name the Pokemon by hearing synonyms for the words in its name?

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SynonymsPokemonName roots
secret (adj.) + dog
clergyman + barbed
monolith + unrefined metal
copper alloy + percussion instrument
coffin + silk casing
set of musical pitches + tale with a moral
seclude + mollusk
pair + synthesis
snail + horseman
unearth + power tool
detonate + high-volume
weak + gamefish
iron (adj.) + nettle
woods + stronghold
rime + maiden
refuse (n.) + stench
stab + crevasse
leap + fuzz
foliage + governess
ablaze + cord in wax
SynonymsPokemonName roots
brash & manly + throttle (v.)
tissue inside bone + strike (v.)
mouth + ruse
contemplate + tiny
impish + lurking fear
leech + arthropod
less than a growl + steal
barb + magma
fragrant flower + facade
dust + chop (v.)
watchman + stoat
cleave + snake
devious + topiary
snuffle + oblivious
bog + immobile
muddle + development
feeler + sadistic
child + scoundrel
disagreeable + wildfowl
quiver + pummel

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