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Andy's favorite Anti-Masonic Party member
Andy's favorite NASCAR driver
The race of Andy's Elder Scrolls character
Andy's Alias
System of a Down song that Ms. Ducharme shunned Andy and I for singing in class
Andy is the lead vocalist for this obscure, but highly praised, rock band
The color of Jimmy Westwood's room
Name a band in Jim's downstairs music collection
This sports team is on Jimmy Westwood's sweatshirt
Brian Smith watched this Pay Per View at Andy's house and was instantly addicted to Wrestling (Include the year)
In GTA IV, Andy's character experienced a unique death, how did he die
Andy considers this band to be the worst, popular grunge band
Jimmy threw this piece of food at Andy
Question Answer
Andy's favorite baseball team
Andy's least favorite Beatles album
This pitcher was #1 in Andy's rotation in MLB Front Office Manager. He performed underwhelmingly to say the least
The name of Andy's manager in MLB Front Office Manager (His name is close to a famous musicians)
Andy had the opportunity to win a dildo, signed by this porn star. He graciously passed it up
Andy answered his first quiz bowl question correctly, by answering with this state
Andy knows many quotes from this critically acclaimed movie
Andy's last name originates from this country
I can't tell you the answer, but it's not A, B, or C (put a space at the end of your answer)
Andy drafted this player first, in our NBA 2k11 league draft
Andy than proceeded to draft this player
Andy's favorite soft drink

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