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Forced Order
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England declares war on Charles V
James IV dies
Marriage of Arthur and Catherine of Aragon
Elizabeth of York dies
Warbeck flees to France and Charles VIII
Francis I comes to the french throne
Edward IV dies
Charles Hapsburg is elected Holy Roman Emperor
Warbeck's third attempt to invade England
Henry VIII is crowned King
Henry Tudor goes to Brittany with his Uncle Jasper Tudor
League of Cognac
Treaty of Ayton with Scotland
Lambert Simnel (1st Pretender) starts his pretence
James V comes to the throne
Treaty of Medina del Campo with Spain
Wolsey fixes poultry prices in London and investigates the scarcity of other meats
Beginning of another war against France
End of the war against France
End of the war against France
Edward IV comes back onto the throne
Wolsey becomes Papal Legate
Wolsey becomes Cardinal
Warbeck surrenders
Warbeck's second invasion of England backed by the Scottish army
Act against retaining
Henry VII becomes King
Cornish Rebellion
Battle of Pavia
Anthony Earl Rivers and Hastings become enemies over the Lieutenancy of Calais
Henry restores all the Hansa's privileges
Wolsey launches an enquiry into how effective policies against enclosure had been
Henry places an embargo on woollen cloth trade with Burgundy
Henry VII dies
The Peace of London
Philip of Burgundy dies
Edward V is born
Sir Edward Poynings becomes Lord Deputy of Ireland
Edward V becomes King (but is never crowned)
The Field of the Cloth of Gold
Richard III comes to the throne
Battle of Bosworth
Buckingham Rebellion
The Sack of Rome
League of Cambrai
Treaty of Dordrecht with the Holy Roman Empire
The Treaty of Bruges with Charles V
Perkin Warbeck (2nd Pretender) starts his pretence in Ireland
Wolsey reforms the justice system
Lambert Simnel is crowned in Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin
Battle of Flodden Field
Isabella of Castile dies
Richard III's son (Edward) dies
Treaty of Etaples with France
The 'Amicable Grant'
Treaty of Cambrai
Louis XII dies
Star Chamber Act
Warbeck and the Earl of Warwick are executed for treason
Richard seems to reconcile with Edward IV's family
Stony Startford-Earl Rivers, Sir Thomas Vaughan, Sir Richard Hawte and Sir Richard Grey are arrested
The Holy League
Richard III's wife dies
Charles I comes to the throne
The fall of Thomas Wolsey
Beginning of the war against France
Pope Clement VII is taken prisoner
Richard Neville Earl of Warwick rebels against Edward IV
marriage of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville
Henry VIII marries Catherine of Aragon
Marriage of James IV and Princess Margaret
The Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian dies
Battle of Barnet
Warbeck imprisoned in the Tower of London
Henry VII marries Elizabeth of York
Arthur dies
Magnus Intercursus with Burgundy
The Ladies Peace
Anthony Earl Rivers and his three attendants are executed at Pontefract Castle
Henry signs the Treat of Redon to defend Brittany
Henry Tudor promises to marry Elizabeth of York
Ferdinand dies
Henry VI comes back to the throne
Warbeck secures the backing of the Holy Roman Emporer Maximilian
Wolsey is appointed to the Counsel
Truce between England and Scotland
Battle of Tewkesbury
Papal dispensation given for the marriage of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII
Henry bans the export of unfinished cloth by foreign merchants
The Counsel Learned in the Law is set up
The Diplomatic Revolution
Princess Mary is born
Second instalment of the subsidy
Yorkshire Rebellion
First instalment of the subsidy
Warbeck attempts to invade England for the first time backed by Burgundy
The King's Great Matter is made public
Treaty of Windsor-Malus Intercursus with Burgundy
Henry ends the Hansa

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