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Can you name the Red Rising A-Z from each clue?

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AThe Jackal's real name
BCassius' Surname
CMickey's Occupation
DAres' Lieutenant
EDarrow's Wife
FProctor of House Mars
GMining Clan in Lykos
HResource that Reds Mine for
IThe School for Golds
JHouse Minerva's Cook
KDarrow's Brother
LDarrow's Mining Clan
MPink who taught Darrow how to be a Gold
NKilled by Cassius in The Passage
OThe Ruler of Society
PKilled by Sevro in The Passage
QCassius' Love Interest
RThe Poet
SA Male Howler
TLeader of House Diana
UGrey that bullied Darrow in the Mines
VMustang's real name
WA Male Howler
YAdoptive home town of Darrow

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