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The official term for 'cross country runner.'
Cleat-like shoes used in competition.
Uninterrupted run at a hard pace for a set distance or duration.
Workout pursuing a series of distances, usually set to increase from shortest to longest, and back down again.
Anaerobic workout of short distances, practiced in distance and sprints.
A run of frequent pace changes.
The time at a particular point during a race.
Type of jersey worn in competition.
'Hitting' this with no energy left.
Sprinters jump over em.
Runners jump over them too... just add water.
Other shoes used in competition, but not as pointy on the bottom...
Helpful to sprinters in acceleration from the start line.
Beginning the race before the gun fires.
Classification for the other means of exercise available to athletes, often those injured (eg. Swimming, Biking).
Racing as a group - especially valuable in cross country.
Resulting type of [answer to #7] when runners finish faster than than they started.
Tucking behind others in a race to reduce wind resistance.
Distance runners that run twice a day are considered to be doing this.
Burning all remaining energy to power into the finish line.
Runner whose only role is to set the pace for a beginning segment of the race.
Type of run pursued in one direction, then returning on the same route.
The most successful time an individual athlete has performed in a particular event.
A short burst of running to loosen or freshen up both before and after a run/race.
Reducing training intensity in preparation for a race or segment of a season.
An athlete - typically in distance - reaches this during training at top fitness.
Jogging between sets during a workout in the process of preparing for the next rep.
Nickname of the relay baton, shouted by runners during hand-off.
Start line orientation with one runner per lane.
Start line orientation with one group at the official line, several meters behind a second group set to merge at a particular marking from the outer lanes.
Start line orientation with every runner clustered at the official start, set to merge immediately.
Classic type of [answer to #2], screwed into the plate of the shoe. Most widely permitted at meets, measuring about 1/4 inch.
Highest quality clay used for the surface of both indoor and outdoor tracks.
Meet at which only two teams face each other.
Trapping one or more runners inside a group to better control race behavior.
Mileage-oriented distance training in preparation for the shorter, faster and/or more competitive phases of competition.

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