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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to this quiz about Hanna?

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1. Hanna ______
2. Hanna's step-sister's name is...
3. Her dad used to call her 'his little ____'
4. Psychological disorder she had in grade school
5. Hanna's first boyfriend
6. She accused ____ for stealing (answer #5)
7. Her mother took a job in this Asian country
8. Hanna joined The _____ Club in attempt to win back (answer to #5)
9. The mental hospital she briefly stayed at
10. Her roommate at (answer #9)
11. Her step-mother's name
12. Her ex-BFF who tried to run her over
13. Hanna's hair color
14. Her second boyfriend who's nickname was 'Herme'
15. The cop whom her mother briefly dated in order for him to drop Hanna's charges
16. Her first kiss was this boy who later on became her boyfriend
17. The grade she became best friends with (answer #12)
18. Name of the burn clinic she worked at to pay off damages she had done to (answer #5)'s car
19. Who Hanna dreamt about while in the hospital
20. Her parents' names are _____ and _____

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