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1. Emily ______
2. Emily has ____ sibling(s) (spell out number)
3. Sport Emily's involved in
4. Emily's first boyfriend
5. Emilly's first girlfriend
6. Emily has strawberry blonde hair tinted green from _____
7. The first girl she kissed
8. Where did she kiss (answer #7)?
9. Whom Emily lost her virginity to
10. Church where she met (answer #9)
11. Nickname given to her by (answer #7)
12. State her mother sent her to live after she found out she kissed a girl
13. Who she went to Foxy with
14. What type of community did 'A' send her to?
15. True or False. Emily broke into the police station to look at their files.
16. Who was the girl she met while in (answer #11)?
17. Program she was sent to that was supposed to 'un-gay' her
18. Emily's old best friend in sixth grade G_____ C_____

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