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A term used for buy one, get on half off
The Bible verse written on the bottom of a Forever 21 bag
Clothing line started by Nelly; referenced in Flo Rida's song 'Low'
Sandals modeled after shoes worn by Ancient Greeks/Romans
Popular sportswear store in Los Angeles
Typically the smallest dress size
One of the oldest department stores in the United States
Brand of winter boots often referred to as 'potatoes'
Children & teen's jewelry store that is also a girl's name
Type of t-shirt that has flashy designs and writing
Another name for a long, casual dress
Popular designer whose wife's name is Ricky
Chanel No. __
Term for very short shorts
Popular jewelry store where you can customize a bracelet; box in Greek mythology
Style of hat which looks like a slouchy beret
One of the main junior brands in Walmart; type of necklace used at a luau
Popular sneaker brand that makes high-tops
Fashion line known mainly for their purses; aslo a name for the head of a sport's team
Popular clothing line that includes two first names
Clothing designer _____ Johnson
Popular junior store that is also referred to by its' shortened name
Fashion line that is known for the ducks on their purses
Modern style jeans that hug the legs
Most popular jean brand for men and women
Jean brand endorsed by various sports figures; jeans that are mostly for men
Dark beige dress pants
Originial name for flip-flops
Popular langerie store that also owns a store named after a color
Simple black dress that is often referred to as an LBD

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