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Here by the USA
Plasticl Garlic
As Your Piano Intensely Screams
Apollo Opposum
You Won't
Short, Short, Short
A Soft Night's Day
Bad Day
Can Sell You Hate
Silver Awakenings
Nice Mrs. Ketchup
He Went Next to the Kitchen Door
Moon Queen
The Start
There Goes the Moon
He Hates Me
You'll Lead the Moon
Elder I'm a Poor Girl
The Genius in the Valley
You Were a Penguin
Quarter Highway
You Heard Him Sitting Here
Pull and Whisper
Blue Airplane
Bad Night Moonlight
Yesterday Always Forgets
Out Your Death
Private Salt's Social Brain Spades Soloist
I Will Hear You
He's Entering Work
Got Worse
Jesus on His Brain
Big Adult
Rock in Bach
Within the Earth
The Short and Straight Street
New Black Hat

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