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'Maybe you will get a call from me'
'When you find yourself in the thick of it'
'How could she say to me love will find a way'
'I would be happy with you by my side'
'I'm so sad and lonely'
'And I'm not what I appear to be'
'Nobody knows, just we two'
'Love is old, love is new'
'She's so good looking but she looks like a man'
'I've got to get a belly full of wine'
'I have always thought that it's a crime'
'We'd like to thank you once again'
'What they need's a damn good whacking'
'The biggest fool that ever hit the big time'
'You say you've seen seven wonders'
'All these years I've been wondering around'
'When I think of love as something new'
'Me, I'm just a lucky guy'
'Lying here and staring at the ceiling'

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