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Try to identify each Fairy Tail Wizard in 8 minutes.

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 Fairy Glitter / Fairy Sphere
 Demon's Eye / Grimoire Law
 Fairy Law / Titan
 Purple Flare / Transformation
 Crash / Disassembly Magic
 Requip / Sword Magic
 Green Magic
 Judgement Field
 Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic / Fairy Law
 Satan Soul / Transformation
 Magic Staves / Sleep Magic
 Fire Dragon Slayer Magic / Lightning Flame Dragon Mode
 Iron Dragon Slayer Magic / Iron Shadow Dragon Mode
 Sky Dragon Slayer Magic
 Celestial Spirit Magic
 Solid Script
 High Speed
 Plant Magic
 Dark Écriture
 Fairy Magic / Stone Eyes
 Seith Magic / Figure Eyes
 Take Over (Beast Soul)
 Take Over (Animal Soul)
 Ice Make / Ice Magic
 Card Magic / Fairy Glitter
 Water Magic
 Smoke Magic
 Fire Magic / Rainbow Fire
 Guns Magic
 Guns Magic / Requip: The Gunner
 Seith Magic
 Pict Magic
 Muscle Speak
 Iron Dog
 Take Over (on-going)
 Magical Birds
 Fire Magic
 Phasing Magic
 Quarto Cerberus Guild Master
 Flattening Magic
 Illusion Magic / Thought Projection

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