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What is the name of JD and Turks car?
When the Janitor pretends to be a doctor he goes by the name, Dr...?
What battle do JD and others, re-enact using shadow puppet theatre?
What does Jill Tracy die of? Causing 3 other patients to get infected when Dr Cox uses her organs?
Which collage did JD and Turk attend together?
What is the name of JD's scooter?
What arcade game do JD and Turk play using the interns and waterballons?
What is Snoop Dogg Attendings real name?
Where does Turk think Carla is from?
Which group of people does Elliot harber a deep hatred for?
Turk gets his hand stuck in what, while Carla is in labour?
What do JD and Turk yell whenever JD scores in basketball?
What is the mans role in Elliots ultimate sex fantasy?
Which intern tricks Dr Cox into revealing his true feelings for JD?
Who guestars as Dr Townshend?
What is Ladys full first name?
Who comes 2nd in the competition to win free muffins for life (after a recount)?
What is 'The Todds' last name?
What is Colonel Dr's real name?
What is the name of the Coffee Bucks employee who throws Dr Kelso muffins but is never seen?
Lloyd the delivery guy is the son of which other minor character?(his nickname)
The intern Lonnie can grow what in one day?
Jason Cabbagio 'Cabbage' can do a 'dynamite' impression of what animal?
Dr Cox drives what make of car?
Who is crazy?

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