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QUIZ: Can you name the Starts with Ben?

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1. A condition that occurs when scuba divers rise too quickly in water
2. The recipient of a gift
3. Man on the US $100 bill
4. Kind
5. The co-writer of Good Will Hunting (along with Matt Damon)
6. A short prayer
7. The current (as of 2009) Chair of the Federal Reserve
8. A bad player on a sports team
9. A popular ice cream manufacturer
10. #9's co-creator or an English rugby union player
11. An American actor who played a really really ridiculously goodlooking person in Zoolander
12. Describes the zone which is the deepest region of the ocean
13. A mole is this kind of tumor
14. Any of the three singers in the superband the Bens will get a correct response

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