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Can you name the Premiership Players Whose Names End In 'O'?

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Sheffield Wednesday (1997/99)Ghana
Chelsea (2003/08)Argentina
Leeds United (2002/03)Spain
Crystal Palace (1997/98)Italy
QPR/Sunderland/WBA (1992/96, 1998/2003)England
Ipswich Town/Tottenham Hotspur (1994/2004)Argentina
Manchester City (2010/13)Bosnia-Herzegovina
Tottenham Hotspur (2006/13)France
Tottenham Hotspur (2008/12)Russia
West Ham United/Nottingham Forest (1996/97, 1998/99)Portugal
Tottenham Hotspur/Sunderland/Birmingham City (2005/10)Finland
Everton (2012/13)Costa Rica
Newcastle United (2008/13)Spain
Coventry City/Nottingham Forest (1992/4)England
Newcastle United/Aston Villa/West Ham United (1998/2008)Peru
Arsenal (2011/13)Ivory Coast
Fulham/WBA (2003/06)Japan
West Ham United (1993/98)Czech Republic
Everton (2002/12)Nigeria
Chelsea (1996/2002)Italy
Leeds United/Derby County (1992/2000)England
Manchester City (2008/11)Ecuador
Chelsea (2006/13)Portugal
Manchester City (2008/10)Brazil
Bolton Wanderers (2002/08)Spain
Liverpool/Birmingham City/Portsmouth/Stoke City (2002/12)Senegal
West Ham United/Liverpool (2006/11)Argentina
Chelsea/Blackburn Rovers/Wigan Athletic (2007/13)Argentina
Reading/Stoke City (2004/11)Senegal
Chelsea (2008/10)Portugal
Chelsea/West Ham United (1994/97, 1998/2003)England
Wolverhampton Wanderers (2009/10)Scotland
Tottenham Hotspur/Middlesbrough/Wigan Athletic/West Ham United (2005/10)Egypt
Chelsea (2005/06)Spain
Middlesbrough (2002/05)Brazil

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