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Can you guess who these characters are from The Tragedy of Julius Caesar?

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I am a Roman general and I returned to Rome after a successful military battle. I was assassinated by conspirators.
I am an adopted son. I traveled to Rome and joined a triumvir after the death of my father.
I was a Caesar’s most loyal supporter. I formed a triumvir to defeat the people who killed him.
I am part of the conspiracy against Julius Caesar. I die by the order of Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus.
I am an honorable man. I was part of a group of conspirators.
I forged letters to a man so he would be in my plan to end a man with too much power.
I am part of the conspiracy. I stab Caesar first.
I am a member of the conspiracy. I convince Caesar to go to the Senate against his wife’s plea to stay home.
I appear in the beginning of the play and I yell at the commoners for cheering Caesar in Act I.
I am a tribune who yells at the people along with another man. I am punished for taking off decorations from Caesar’s statue.
I am Julius Caesar’s wife.
I am Marcus Brutus’s wife.
I am part of the Triumvir with Antony and Octavius.

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