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Can you name the Characters You Never See On TV Programs?

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TV ProgramCharacterHow They Appear In The Program
FraiserNile's neurotic wife.
Charlie's AngelsWe only wanted to see the angels anyway.
Rhoda'This is ________ your doorman.'
CheersHis wife was not very understanding.
Home ImprovementWe finally see him without his fence in the last episode.
Fat Albert and the Cosby KidsWhat was with the pink stocking hat over his face?
SeinfeldKramer's faithful but never seen friend.
The Invisible ManDr. Peter Brady, bandaged.
Any Charlie Brown specialLinus' teacher. 'Wah-wah-wah.'
Rocky & Bullwinkle'Stay tuned next time for...'
TV ProgramCharacterHow They Appear In The Program
Batman'Tune in tomorrow — same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!'
Magnum P.I.Was it really Higgins all along?
The Addams FamilyAll we saw was his hand.
The Andy Griffith ShowBarney Fife's imaginary girl friend 'up at the diner.'
M*A*S*HWas it Radar or wasn't it?
Deal or No DealHe's always in the shadows playing with the numbers.
SeinfeldGeorge's baseball boss.
Married...With ChildrenSo fat her bras are the size of a minivan.
The Andy Griffith ShowThe telephone operator.

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