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Year ReleasedAlbumHint--Not necessarily helpful
1959It's spelled Quinichette
1957Coltrane's first session as a leader
1958In these liner notes the phrase 'Sheets of Sound' was coined
1959Yeah...this is an obscure one
1961Title Track Written by Strayhorn
1965Prestige re-issuing stuff
1958...making a quartet
1964Title comes from a McCoy Tyner song
1963Capital of Senegal
1963With a guitarist
1961Gee, Coltrane's running pretty fast. What's he doing?
1964Capt. Jack's Ships
1962It's not exceptional it's just...
1963Title comes from an Ary Barrosso song
1965It's what people are made of
1957You know this one :) That title track...
1958Co-Leader with a Trumpeter
1958With same trumpeter, this one's not close
1960You probably guessed this already
1961Just put the two themes of this quiz together
1961These are a Few of them
1962Davis had 'Sketches of Spain,' Colt has...
1966With Don Cherry
1962Every song on side 2 starts with Mr.
Year ReleasedAlbumHint--Not necessarily helpful
1964What are you hearing? That's...
1961Is it a continent or an orchestral division?
1963Not expressions
1963The cover with Colt peering over the corner looking inexplicably terrified
1962Come on, you may as well just try guessing it...
1963With the guy who wrote all the standards
1963With another John: This one a singer
1964Actually only one of these tracks is described by the title
1964His darkest album
1965According to many, his greatest
1965Long title: not requiring it all
1967This one's not in english
1966Going up...
1966considered the spiritual follow-up to A Love Supreme
1967Not impression
1969Terrible cover
1970The cover with Colt as an animorph
1971Not the moon boat, but...
1977The title of one of his other albums, but first
1968The Sound of the universe
1968With Alice Coltrane
1995A lost tapes album, of sorts
1974Bells, Free-Jazz. One of Colt's last.

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