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Can you name the Batman Arkham game series villains

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Real NameVillainClue
UnknownThe Clown Prince Of Crime
Garfield LynnsThe Pyromaniac
Otis FlanneganThe Exterminator
Arnold WeskerThe Man With The Puppet
Basil KarloThe Shapeshifter
Selina KyleThe Master Catburgler
Julian Gregory DayI Keep Track Of The Date
UnknownThe Snake Lady
Floyd LawtonThe World's Most Deadliest Assassin
NameThe Puppet
Slade WilsonIf Your On The List, You Dead Meat
Victor FriesThe Snowman
Harleen QuinzellGirlfriend of The Joker
Dumfred And Deever TweedThe Twins From Wonderland
Jervis Tetch'Wheres Alice'?
UnknownWanted By GCPD
NameI've Lost My Arm
Dr Kirk LangstromThe Man That Is A Bat
Pamela IsleyThe Plant Lady
Johnaton CraneFear
Real NameVillainClue
Oswald CobblepotThe Bird That Can't Fly
Lester BuchinskyShock Time
VictorThe Cold Call Killer
Drury Walker 'Light'
Humprey DumplerThe Man On The Wall
NameThe Demons Head
NameFounder Of Arkham City
Edward NigmaThe Question Asker
Roman SionisThe Man With The Mask
Thomas ElliotThe Identidy Thief
Warren WhiteThe Human Shark
Micheal LaneThe One Who's Watching
Lonnie MachinHe Says He Fights For Gotham
Harvey DentGood Or Bad
Waylon JonesHalf Human, Half Croc
NameIts Hammer Time
UnknownThe Strong Man
NameThe Ninja Assassin
Angel VallelunguaI Work For Bane
Cyrus GoldThe Walking Dead

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