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How many characters can you name in Percy Jackson in 10 minutes?

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Nymph, Draiad
Daughter of Hades
Jerk, Betrayed Zoe, a fraud
Likes Wheat and Cereal
Daughter of Aphrodite
God of Doorways
Daughter of Demeter
Titan of Light
Titan Lord
Dipped in River Styx, Great Hero
God of Forges and Fire
Daughter of Hephaestus
Son of Dionysus
Clover Counselor, Satyr, Deceased
God of Fear and Dread
Daughter of Demeter, Head Counselor
Son of Hypnos
Blonde Superman
1000 eyes
Son of Hermes, Kronos's Host
Son of Hades, Ghost King
Mother of Monsters
Temporary Activities Director, Fields of Punishment
Son of Mars
New Oracle
Freddy, God of Poetry and Medicine
Son of Nemesis
God of War
Santa Clause, Goddess of the Hunt
Spider Queen
Centaur, Activities Director
Cyclopes, Percy's Brother
Need Help?Character
God of Dead, Death
Reyna's Sister
Goddess of Crossroads
Son of Apollo, Sonar Arrows
Beauty Queen, Daughter of Aphrodite, Head Counselor
Fast Horse, Pottymouth
Lieutenant of Hunters, Pinecone Face
Son of Aphrodite
Luke's Mom
Daughter of Ares
Percy's pegasus
Former Step-father of Percy
Bane of Olympus
Former Hunter, deceased, daughter of Atlas
Aunty M
Son of Dionysus, Deceased
Satyr, Percy's Best Friend
Original fortune teller
Fury, Math Teacher and Lawyer
Golden Dragon
Guinea Pig Maker
Daughter of Apollo
Invented Internet, God of Thieves
Queen of Olympus
Son of Hephaestus, Repairboy
Fortune-tellers, Yarn and Scissors
Lord of the Sea
Praetor of New Rome, Daughter of Bellona
Holds Sky
Need Help?Character
Lion-Snake Monster, Chihuahua
God of Panic Fear
Daughter of Aphrodite, Former Head Counselor, Challenged by Piper
Son of Apollo, Golden Chariot
Percy's Mom
Last Olympian
Daughter of Pluto
Camp Director
Daughter of Athena, Owns Yankees Cap
Goddess of Wisdom
King of the Gods
Dipped in River Lethe
Expert Smith, Deceased
Lord of the Underworld
Goddess of Love
Daughter of Aphrodite, Dressed up as Clarisse
Son of Poseidon, Protagonist
Satyr, Heroes of Olympus
Legacy of Apollo, Roman
Three Headed Dog
Mother Earth
Son of Bacchus, Drinks Kool-Aid
Daughter of Ceres
Son of Athena, Annabeth's favorite brother
Son of Hermes
Son of Hermes, Crush on Katie
Walking table
Son of Hephaestus, Former Head Counselor, Stepped down for Leo
Hunter of Artemis

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