Rockstars doing stupid stuff - BathroomWall T-shirts

Can you name the Rockstars doing stupid stuff - BathroomWall T-shirts?

Who threw a live chicken into the audience (who promptly ripped it apart) at a concert in Toronto in 1969?
In 1973, a fan by the name of Scot Halpin was recruited from the audience to complete the band's set after which drummer collapsed?
The closing date of whose 1969 US tour ended in tragedy at the Altamont Speedway when a fan was killed by the Hells Angels?
Who was arrested mid-concert in 1969 from exposing himself to the audience
Which post-punk caused fans to Rise up and riot during a gig in New York in 1981 when they insisted on performing behind a screen?
In 1992, who turned up on stage at the Reading Festival in a wheelchair following reports of his ill health, only to leap into action like normal?
Who enraged his hardcore fans at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 by daring to play an electric guitar?
In 1976 which singer was arrested for drunk driving and showing up at Graceland waving a gun and demanding to see Elvis?
According to metal mythology, who snorted a line of ants as part of a bizarre contest with Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx?
Which 80s rockstar was presumably too busy dancing with himself in his Bangkok hotel and had to be shot with a tranquilliser dart by Thai soldiers when he refused to leave?
Which megasized 70s band enjoyed their cocaine so much that they included a credit for their dealer in the liner notes for their biggest selling album?
Which country legend and infamous boozehound drove into town on his lawnmower after his wife hid his car keys?
Which producer and well documented loon once held a gun to Leonard Cohen's head and fired another during a John Lennon studio session?
Serge Gainsborourg tried (and probably succeeded) to liven up a chat show by telling which soul singing drug enthusiast that he would 'like to f**k her'?
In 1996, who performed on UK music show The White Room wearing see-through plastic trousers and no underwear?
Prince wore just a flashers mac, bikini briefs and a neckerchief while touring which album?
Which Rolling Stone thought it perfectly ok to pose in a Nazi SS uniform for a Danish magazine in 1966?
Which punk singer and political raconteur was put on trial for distributing pornography for including the artwork 'penis landscape' by HR Giger in one of his band's albums?
Which member of Guns n' Roses urinated in the aisle of an aeroplane because he couldn't be bothered to wait for a free toilet?
Acclaimed author and barrister, John Mortimer, defended which band on obscenity charges?

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