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Can you name the American Art Midterm 1 Spring 2015?

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HintCity State Artist year, omit if n/a
Taos Pueblo
San Esteban
Parson Capen House
Jeremiah Lee House
Old Ship Meeting House
Elizabeth Freake and Baby Mary
John Freake
Thomas Smith
James Bowdoin II
Epes Sargent
Boy with a Squirrel
Paul Revere
Mrs. Humphrey Devereux
Mrs. Thomas Gage
Samuel Adams
Staircase Group
The Artist in His Museum
Exhumation of the First American Mastodon
Ariadne Asleep on the Island of Naxos
Rubens with a Geranium
Melons and Morning Glories
Fruit Piece with Peaches, Covered by a handkerchief
MA State House
VA State House
Second Bank of the U.S.
Trinity Church
HintCity State Artist year, omit if n/a
Ames House
Greek Revival House
Gallery of the Louvre
The Painter's Triumph
The Power of Music
War News from Mexico
George Washington
The Greek Slave
The Course of Empire
The Past
The Present
View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts After a Thunderstorm
View of Schroon Mountain, Essex County, NY, After a Storm
Twilight in the Wilderness
Negro Life at the South
A Ride for Liberty - The Fugitive Slaves
Lincoln Crushing the Dragon of Rebellion
Libby Prison
Forever Free
Veteran in a New Field
Snap the Whip
The Champion of Single Sculls
Portrait of Dr. Gross
Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California
Robert Gould Shaw Memorial

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