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DescriptionLegendary Pokemon
I am pink and contain DNA from every single Pokemon.
I am an electric bird whose wings are made of lightning.
I am the dog who purifies water.
I was created by scientists who dreamed of creating the worlds strongest Pokemon.
I have the power to grant wishes.
I am a time travelling forest dweller.
I come in four forms and can shift between them.
I am green, serpentine and I saved the world.
DescriptionLegendary Pokemon
I am a bug and I have been modified by Team Plasma.
You can find me in a meadow, I have grass and flowers growing on me.
You can find me with an Azure Flute, I’m the white Pokemon who shaped the Earth.
My ears are shaped like a “V”, legend has it I never lose.
I’m blue and have two antennae, I’m one of the only legendaries able to breed.
I’m blue and have one antenna, the above Pokemon is my parent.
I’m made of rock and I’m one of the legendary golems of Hoenn.

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