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I love crayfish, and I'm acrobatic and often jump right out of the water.
I'm a gray fish who loves cold, deep water.
I'm striped like a tiger and I taste good deep-fried.
I'm a prehistoric giant with plates on my back, but I'm not a waiter.
I have long snout filled with teeth, I've been around for millions of years and my eggs are poisonous.
I'm one of the top predators wherever I'm found, I'm green and very aggressive.
You can catch be by the hundreds in the spring, I'm a favourite bait for fishermen.
I'm often associated with lily pads, I'm by far the most popular gamefish.
I'm one of the biggest predators, I'm the 'fish of ten thousand casts.'
My sea-run cousins are made of metal, my colours are formed when it is both sunny and raining.
The French think I'm golden, I'm a bright-eyed predator.
You can find me everywhere, especially during Halloween.
You brought me over here (N.A.), I'm the colour of chocolate and have an adipose fin.
Named because of my mustache, dogfish are always chasing me around.
I come in black and white, my mouth is made of paper.
I'm one of the only fish to spawn under ice, I'm not a robot as my name suggests.
Quebec loves me, but some other places call me 'Squaretail.' I'm spotted.
I'm the leech of the fish world, I scar all of your best catches and am considered invasive.
I'm named after a valuable metal, but not worth my weight in it.
Rearrange me and you get crap, I'm one of the fattest fish around.
I'm slimy and look like a snake, but have no relation with them.
I hitched a ride from a European ship, I've now completely invaded your waters.
You can find me in the ocean or in freshwater, I'm the true bass.
My dad is speckled and my mom likes cold deep water.
Eat me for dinner, my name won't give you salmonella.

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