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Can you name the line before title of songs?

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I guess that I dont need that though now you're just___
There's not a thing that I would change cuz your amazing___
But here's my number so___
Is it crazy or am i fallin in love? Is it really just another___
This place is about to___
Just own the night like the 4th of july cuz baby you're a___
Why so serious? So____
Pretty pretty please dont you ever ever feel that your not less than_____
You dont know you're beautiful oh oh thats____
How old is your soul? No___
It's a dirty free for all and they turn me on and they____
Yeah uh huh you know what it is_______
I put my hands up to play that song you know its gonna be okay. Yeah its a____
When you see my face hope it_____
I swear I'll do anything that i have to______
You spin my head___
I will fight till forever. _____
Why does love always feel like a__
Somebody call 911 shawty____
I can see it going down, going down___

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