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An ability that makes the foe nervous to eat berries.
The final evolution of the only Ghost-Type evolutionary line in generation 1.
Rumor states that Mew is under it.
A move that only Ditto and Mew can learn.
A game in Goldenrod City.
A TM Gym Leader Brawly gives away.
An ability that lets Normal/Fighting-Type moves be able to hit Ghost-Types.
Gourgeist's signature move.
An evolutionary line with the most amount of resistances.
God of Pokemon.
HintAnswerFun Facts
This Pokemon has the most forms.
A region based of USA.
Mega Gardevoir's ability.
A move that makes all Pokemon on the field unable to escape next turn.
An ability that takes advantage of the poisoned status obtained by a Normal-Type.
The sound that a ghost wants to hear in generation 6.
Lucario uses _______ to know where it's enemies are located.
Rumor states that this Pokemon died upon fighting us(the player).

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