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ClueAnswerA Few Words
It's in the Plains Biome...and most other biomes too.
Plant in the desert. Not green
Spawns randomly in a jungle
The most useful material in the game
The most basic tool material
The most essential thing for every tool
Make your weapon more OP
The amount of exp orbs the ender dragon drops
What SkythekidRS called Budder
Goes boom and is green
Goes boom
Amount of ticks before TNT explodes
The other name for a creeper
Spawn rate of a Spider Jockey
Name the other jockey that isnt a spider jockey
The slenderman of Minecraft
Can you revive a zombie Villager?
ClueAnswerA Few Words
Latest Minecraft update
The Male characters name
The Female characters name
The sacred '~~~~~' apple
The most essential block for crafting
The minecraft oven
10 obsidian and a flint and steel make.....
Place to find end portals
Defeat the Ender Dragon
4 soul sand and 3 wither skulls make.....
Defeat the Wither Boss
Provides the most light in Minecraft
Water + Nether wart =
Awkward Potion + Nether wart =
Give someone DIAMONDS!
Any of the 4 gamemodes
What a creeper was MEANT to be

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