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Forced Order
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Rabo Karabekian, an old painter, is visited by the novelist Circe Berman, who wants to know about the painting he keeps in the Potato barn
Set in 2081/Handicapper General ensures all Americans are completely equal/mother Hazel can't think for extended periods/father George wears radio to counteract intelligence
Rumfoord & dog, Kazak, become 'unstuck in space'/Malachi Constant & son, Chrono, are stranded on title moon with Tralfamadorian robot named Salo
Leon Trotsky, son of Kilgore Trout, & lives as a spirit on the island of Santa Rosalia for a million years/after apocalyptic event humans evolve into furry sea lion creatures
In the year 2001, everyone is thrust back to 1991 to re-live the past ten years of their lives/everyone is depressed except Kilgore Trout, who everyone celebrates at 'Clambake'
Billy Pilgrim is captured by the Germans in WWII and imprisoned during bombing of Dresden/gets abducted by Tralfamadorians/lives in intergalactic zoo with porn star
After machines take over the workforce and everyone is divided into Reconstruction or Reclamation camps that do nothing, Paul Proteus joins the Ghost Shirt Society to revolt
Walter F. Starbuck, who played a near insignificant role in the Watergate Scandal, is released from prison
WorkSynopsisExtra Info
Eliot Rosewater, WWII veteran, firefighter, & son of Senator is proved insane by Norman Mushari, a lawyer trying to lay claim to the Rosewater family fortune
Howard W. Campbell Jr is a spy who encodes messages to American intelligence through Nazi propoganda
John goes to San Lorenzo which is under the control of Monzano/People participate in the Bonokonism religion/Substance ice-nine freezes things on contact
Set in future where a person must die before one can be born/Edward Wehling murders two people and himself to make room for his triplets
Colonel Bryan Kelly is captured in Russia and forced to play a game of chess where his family and subordinates are the pieces/any piece that gets taken is executed
Set in future where government controls population by encouraging suicide & discouraging sex/Billy the Poet rapes the parlor hostess Nancy McLuhan & converts her to Nothingheadism
Trashy SciFi author Kilgore Trout comes to Midland City for convention/Dwane Hoover takes his books as fact/reads he is only human w/free will/goes on violent rampage

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