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Forced Order
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Collection of 12 short stories including the Red Pony
last novel/named after Richard III/Ethan Hawley makes honest living as clerk then becomes corrupt and powerful via shady doings/commits suicide when son cheats to win too
Mack and his friends throw a party for Doc who has been kind to them/Party goes wrong and Doc is made angry/They throw another party to make it up to him
Set in the Salinas Valley, California in early 1900's follows the Hamilton and Trask families through their difficulties/associations with biblical Cain and Abel
Attempts of American Communists to stage fruit-workers strike in California Valley/Title from Paradise Lost
George and Lennie are migrant farm workers in California/Lennie is mentally disabled and accidentally kills a woman/George shoots Lennie to save him from mob retaliation
Namesake town just above Monterey, CA/main character Danny inherits 2 houses and lives it up with his friends (all Mexican-Americans)
Travelogue about Steinbeck's road trip w/poodle named Charley in camper named Rocinante/went on trip because he was dying and wanted to know 'What are Americans like today?'
Book about military occupation of small town in Northern Europe/Based on WWII France&Germany/editions secretly published across occupied Europe/Became best known US book in USSR
Jody gets a pony named Galbilan, but it dies of strangles/old guy w/sword wants to die on his farm/New horse has baby and Jody gets it/Grandad visits and tells stories from travels
Joad family leaves Oklahoma for California b/c of Dust Bowl/Tom Joad and Rose of Sharon Rivers are main characters
Kino discovers title object but buyers attempt to rip him off/he & Juana seek treatment for son Coyotito for scorpion bite

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