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Forced Order
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Bernice visits her cousin, Marjorie, for a month. Marjorie gives Bernice a makeover, but when she becomes more popular she tricks Bernice into bobbing her hair, which nobody likes
Based off of Scott's relationship with his wife, Zelda. Chronicles Anthony Patch's brief service in WWI and subsequent marriage to Gloria.
Daisy runs over Myrtle with Gatsby's yellow car. George thinks Gatsby did it, so he shoots him in his pool. Nick moves away.
Novel left unfinished at Scott's death. Chronicles Monroe Stahr's rise to power in Hollywood, and his conflicts with rival Pat Brady
Amory Blaine goes off to Princeton and dates Isabelle Borgé. The relationship falls apart, and Amory does WWI. He comes back and dates Rosalind Connage until she quits for rich ma
Dick was a doctor who married his patient, Nicole, to give her emotional stability. They move to France and Dick has an affair with Rosemary, an actor. Nicole divorces Dick.
Nick Carraway moves in next to the title character, who loves Daisy Buchanan. Her husband, Tom, has an affair with Myrtle, whose husband, George, is a mechanic.
Semi-autobiographical/set year after stock market crash (1929)/flashbacks to 'Jazz Age'/how character adapted to Great Depression/alcoholic man tries to regain custody of his child
John Unger is invited to visit schoolmate Percy's house in Montana, where his family owns a mountain consisting of one diamond/He has to escape cuz Percy won't let anybody find out
Guy who ages backwards.

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