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Forced Order
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SynopsisWorkextra info
Ivan comes to Stephen's house to propose to his daughter, Natalia/the couple argue three times and Ivan is kicked out of the house, but they agree to marryShort Story
Follows sisters Olga, Masha, and Irina and brother Andrei (with wife Natasha) and their frustrations with life Play
TC is married to Anna but refuses to pay for her trip to Crimea for tuberculosis/has affair with Sosha & Anna dies/Dr. Lvov tries to expose TC but fails/TC commits suicidePlay
Laevsky lives a slovenly lifestyle and has affairs with married women/scientist Van Koren feels he is a waste and challenges him to a duel/a deacon breaks it up before it beginsShort Story
Gayev is Ranevenskaya's brother who cries at the sight of old cupboard/servant, Firs, is left boarded in house/Ravenskaya moved to France when young son drownedPlay
TC is a disillusioned village schoolmaster who is loved by four women/he chooses alcohol over all of them/one of the women, Sofia, shoots himShort Story
Banker & lawyer bet 2 million rubles that lawyer can't spend 15 years in solitary confinement/studies & renounces worldy things/banker plans to kill him b/c bet will bankrupt him Short Story
SynopsisWorkextra info
Ivan Gromov is a patient in an asylum who complains about the conditions/Dr. Ragin likes to overlook injustice and refuses to improve conditionsShort Story
Professor Serebryakov and young 2nd wife Yelena visit his rural estate run by daughter Sonya and brother in law (title character) Play
Arkadina the fading actress/Trigorin the writer/Konstantin (Arkadina's son) wants to be a writer but commits suicide at the end/Nina runs away to become an actress/love triangles! Play
Olga Dymov is socialite married to Osip (doctor)/she has affair w/Ryabovsky & despises husband/when he catches diphtheria she repents/he dies - she realizes his greatness too late Short Story
Aristocratic Lyubov Ranevskaya and her family return to their estate just before it is auctioned to pay the mortgage Play
Chekhov's best known short story/Dmitri Gurov (older man) has many affairs & devalues women/falls in love & has affair w/Anna Sergeyevna (younger woman) in Yalta/both married Short Story
Popova, a widow, is visited by Smirnov who demands she pay a debt of 1,200 rubles/the two argue and arrange a duel, but ultimately fall in loveShort Story

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