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Forced Order
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SynopsisWorkExtra Info
Titular king is forced to roll boulder up mountain for all of eternity because he tried to cheat death/Camus says Sisyphus is happy because it gives him purposeEssay
Titular emperor, dismayed at his sister and mistress, Drusilla's death, organizes his own murderPlay
Gilbert Jonas becomes a famous artist/he moves studio around, eventually settling for platform above hallway/after three weeks his painting is only the word solidary or solitaryShort Story
Mersault helps Raymond get revenge on his Arab girlfriend and later kills an Arab man/remorseless he is sentenced to executionNovel
Balducci delivers an Arab prisoner to the schoolteacher Daru during a blizzard/Daru offers the chance of escape for the prisoner, but he chooses to go to jail insteadShort Story
Autobiographical book discovered w/ Camus when he died in car accident/follow Jacques Cormery as he goes to secondary school in Algiers w/ his friend Pierre and his mom, CatherineNovel
Raymond Rambert tries to escape Oran to his wife in Paris/Father Paneloux preaches that the title epidemic is punishment from GodNovel
d'Arrast is brought to Iguape, Brazil, to construct a flood-wall/a cook who pledged to carry a stone to the Church exhausts himself dancing, so d'Arrast takes on the burdenShort Story
SynopsisWorkExtra Info
Collection of 6 short stories with underlying themes of human loneliness and feeling foreign and isolated in one's own societyCollection of stories
A missionary goes to the town of Taghaza, but converts to the native worship of Fetish after being beaten and tongue being removed/he kills the new missionary but is crucifiedShort Story
Thousands of rats begin to die in the streets of Oran/Dr. Bernard Rieux tries to convince the town that the title disease is spreadingNovel
Camus examines several countercultural figures & movements from the history of Western thought and art, noting the importance of each in the overall development of revolutionsEssay
Janine and Marcel take a trip to the fort/on the bus Janine flirts with a soldier/she later goes to the fort alone and sleeps under the starsShort Story
Patrice Mersault kills Roland Zagreus and takes his money to live in a house with 3 women/he leaves the house and marries a peasant he doesn't love, dying a secluded, happy deathNovel
Jean-Baptiste Clamence, a lawyer in Amsterdam, doesn't stop a woman from jumping off a bridge & retrieves the 'just judges' panel of the Ghent Altarpiece from the Mexico City BarNovel
Workers at a cooper's shop have returned from a strike and refuse to talk to their boss or his daughter/the protagonist, Yvers, tells his wife about his dayShort Story

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