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Forced Order
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The Young Man does calisthenics near a sandbox, where Mommy and Daddy drop off Grandma/M&D say that G is dead and the Young Man reveals he is the Angel of Death1960
Mommy and Daddy adopted a child from Mrs. Baker, except they mutilated & killed it/Grandma meets the twin of that boy, who the family introduces as a replacement to the original1961
Stevie's husband, Martin, reveals on a TV interview with Ross that he is having an affair with a goat named Sylvia/their son, Billy, comes out as gay & Stevie kills the goat2000/Alternate title: 'Who is Sylvia?'
Peter & Jerry meet at bench in Central Park (NY)/Jerry tells him stories then pulls knife on him/let's Peter have knife then charges & impales himself 1959
Charlie & Nancy are off walking on the beach, talking about their marriage, when two lizard people, Leslie and Sarah, come out of the water/N&C try to explain the world to L&S1975
Harry & Edna come to stay at the house of Agnes & Tobias/A&T's daughter, Julia, comes back home to see H&E in her bedroom/after threatening them with gun, J gets E&H to leave1966
Boy and Girl have a baby, but Man and Woman come to take it away/the play is set in a version of eden and the characters discuss religion/blanket holding baby is empty2002
A, a 90-year old woman, B, her hired caretaker, and C, her secretary, all hang out until A has a stroke/A,B,&C all become A at different life stages & talk about her gay son1994
George & Martha receive Nick & Honey as guests after university faculty party/Nick and Martha fornicate/George comes back with snapdragons/George kills Martha's fake son1962

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