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Forced Order
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Love in the Time of CholeraColombian
Daughter of FortuneChilean
Pubis AngelicalArgentinian
The Swiss FatherCuban
The Lost RoadsMexican
The Aleph (Short Story)Argentinian
The Mambo Kings Play Songs of LoveCuban-American
A Universal History of InfamyArgentinian
La GalateaSpanish
Sinfonia En Gris Mayor (Symphony in Gray Major)Nicaraguan
The Great Theater of the WorldSpanish
The FliesMexican
The Manifest of Krig-háBrazilian
The AlchemistBrazilian
The Banquet of King BalthasarSpanish
Lament for the Death of a BullfighterSpanish
Justice Without RevengeSpanish
Never Again (report on missing persons)Argentinian
The Blood WeddingSpanish
A New Time for MexicoMexican
The War of TimeCuban
Kiss of the Spider WomanArgentinian
Like Water for ChocolateMexican
Dark DudeCuban-American
Maria LuisaMexican
The Devil and Miss PrymBrazilian
The Mayor of ZalameaSpanish
Pedro ParamoMexican
Poet in New YorkSpanish
The Music of CubaCuban
Love, Honor, & PowerSpanish
Terra NostraMexican
Sobre héroes y tumbas (On Heroes and Tombs)Argentinian
El Llano en LlamasMexican
The Infinite PlanChilean
El Túnel (The Outsider or The Tunnel)Argentinian
The Death of Artemio CruzMexican
Model KitArgentinian
Empress of the Splendid SeasonCuban-American
The Burning Plain and Other StoriesMexican
Conversation in the CathedralPeruvian-Spanish
A Vindication of CubaCuban
My Invented CountryChilean
The Law of LoveMexican
Gypsy BalladsSpanish
The House of the SpiritsChilean
The Old GringoMexican
Response to Sister FiloteaNew Spain
The Widow of ValenciaSpanish
Far AwayNicaraguan
Luna SilvestreMexican
The House of Bernardo AlbaSpanish
Life is a DreamSpanish
Thoughts without CigarettesCuban-American
Living to Tell the TaleColombian
The Marked DaysMexican
Aleph (Novel)Brazilian
Loa to Divine NarcissusNew Spain
The Air WheelMexican
Cartas del Caballero de la TenazaSpanish
The Unreliable SeaMexican
The Stupid LadySpanish
Veronika Decides to DieBrazilian
Betrayed by Rita HayworthArgentinian
The Buenos Aires AffairArgentinian
The ConspiratorsArgentinian
You MenNew Spain
Blood of Requited LoveArgentinian
Aunt Julia and the Script WriterPeruvian-Spanish
Novelas EjemplaresSpanish
Christopher UnbornMexican
The Sum of Our DaysChilean
Letters from New YorkCuban
La NumanciaSpanish
Heartbreak TangoArgentinian
Memories of My Melancholy ****Colombian
Leaf StormColombian
The War of the End of the WorldPeruvian-Spanish
The LoosersMexican
The ZahirBrazilian
Waking DreamCuban
One Hundred Years of SolitudeColombian
The Steel of MadridSpanish
The Phantom LadySpanish
The New BourgeoisieMexican
War DiariesCuban
The Time of the HeroPeruvian-Spanish
Fenisa's HookSpanish
The Kingdom of This WorldCuban
The Shadow of the Political BossMexican
To Apollo Chasing DaphneSpanish
The Temptation of the ImpossiblePeruvian-Spanish
Eva LunaChilean
The PilgrimageBrazilian
The ValkyriesBrazilian
Where the Air is ClearMexican
The Eagle and the SerpentMexican
The Labyrinth of SolitudeMexican
Canto De Esperanza (Song of Hope)Nicaraguan
Eternal Curse on the Reader of These PagesArgentinian
The UnderdogsMexican
The Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New WoldMexican
The Library of BabelArgentinian
Our House in the Last WorldCuban-American
Manual of the Warrior of LightBrazilian
Swift as DesireMexican
The Dog in the MangerSpanish
Cantos De Vida Y Esperanza (Songs of Life and Hope)Nicaraguan
The Circular RuinsArgentinian
Tropical Night FallingArgentinian
Don QuixoteSpanish
The Gardener's DogSpanish
The Knight from OlmedoSpanish
Bajo un manto de estrellas (play)Argentinian
The Dancing MasterSpanish
The Dream (silva)New Spain
My Divine LysisNew Spain
The Surgeon of His HonorSpanish
Impressions of AmericaCuban
Dreams of My Cousin Aurelia (unfinished)Spanish
Chronicle of a Death ForetoldColombian
The Fifth MountainBrazilian
Autumn of the PatriarchColombian
The Labors of Persiles and SigismundaSpanish
The World Is a FairSpanish
Viaje del ParnasoSpanish
The Woman ShrewMexican
Abaddón el exterminador (The Angel of Darkness)Argentinian
To RooseveltNicaraguan
The Witch of PortobelloBrazilian

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