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Forced Order
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Spooner, a poet, hangs out at Hirst's house/Briggs and Foster don't want him there, but the drunken Hirst doesn't mind/Whole play is about how nothing happens1975
Kate's friend, Anna, comes to visit her and her husband, Deeley/Deeley used to have a thing for Anna, and he still kinda does/nothing happens, just like every other Pinter play1971
Two hitmen, Ben and Gus, wait in the basement in some building for a tip/they talk about soccer, whine about matches, and ponder over mysterious food orders/Gus is the target1960
Ashton invites Davies to live with him and his brother, Mick/Ashton has brain damage from electrocution/Davies tries to take over house but is kicked out1960
Jerry has an affair with Emma while married to Robert/She tells Robert about affair & they divorce years later/told in reverse chronology1978
Teddy returns to his father, Max's home with his wife, Ruth/she cheats on him with his brothers Joey & Lenny1965
Stanley Webber, piano player in his 30's/two strangers (Goldberg and McCann) arrive on birthday, disrupting birthday party/lives in Boles' boarding house/tries & fails to rape Lulu1959

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