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Can you name the HCHS George Eliot Novels by Synopsis (yuck)?

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Forced Order
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Subtitled 'The Weaver of Raveloe'/after being falsely accused and convicted of stealing church money title character adopts Eppie who chooses him over life as gentleman's daughter
Title character falls for Hetty Sorrel but she falls for Arthur Donnethorne who impregnates her/she leaves baby in field to die and is convicted of child murder
Subtitled 'A Study of Provincial Life'/Dorothea Brooke marries Edward Casaubon who is writing The Key to All Mythologies/after he dies she falls for his nephew Ladislaw
Gwendolyn Harleth marries wealthy Grandcourt who is wicked and drowns/title character marries Mirah after discovering he is really Jewish
Siblings Tom & Maggie Tulliver/Maggie gets ostracized after abandoning Philip Wakem to run off w/Stephen Guest/Tom & Maggie reconcile just before drowning in namesake river

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