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QUIZ: Can you name the HCHS Characters from Arthurian Legend?

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Lover of Guinevere, gives Tristam his castle, tricked into sleeping with Elayne. Gets banished from Camelot, but gets welcomed back.
The knight who raised Arthur until he pulled the sword from the stone and claimed his right to the throne. Goes on the Grail Quest but fails.
Another of King Lot's sons and the most noble. He arrives at the court anonymously, but he proves himself in battle. Gets killed by Lancelot during the failed execution of Guinever
Oversea king and friend of Arthur. Father to Lancelot
Arthur's wife and Launcelot's lover.
Magician who counsels Arthur
The woman who gives Arthur his new sword, after he loses it in a fight with Pellanor. It belonged to her lover, who was killed his own brother.
The wife of the Duke of Cornwall/Uther Pendragon seduces and later marries her/Mother of King Arthur.
Father of Arthur, Lot's wife, and Morgan le Fay
Oversea king and friend of Arthur/Assists Galahad on grail quest/Brother of Lionel, whose mad because he saved a maiden from rape instead of him from a beating
Uther Pendragon's third daughter; she later marries King Uriens/Tries to kill Arthur so that her lover, Accolon, can be king.
Son of Sir Ector who is knighted by Arthur and and later goes with him on a pilgrimage to St. Michael's Mount.
Arthur's son by his sister/Merlin prophesied that he would kill Arthur, and they kill each other in battle for the throne.
Launcelot's son, fills the Sege Perilous, the seat at the Round Table that no man has been worthy enough to fill, pulls sword out of floating stone, succeeds grail quest.
One of King Lot's sons, he is knighted by Arthur and sits at the Round Table/Good friends with Launcelot, who later kills him in battle/He goes on the Grail Quest but fails
Name means 'sorrowful born'. Lover of Isolde. Tricked into fighting Lancelot, which Merlin prophesied
Counseled by Merlin/Raised by Sir Ector/guy who pulled Excalibur from the stone/once and future king of England
King whose wife cheats on him with Arthur/Becomes one of the 11 hostile kings and is slain by Pellanor

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