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1980s (type go)
What is Eric B & Rakim's debut album?
Which New York legend was featured along side Naomi Campbell in Madonna's 'Sex' book?
Kool G Rap's first three albums were produced by this DJ
Name one Boogie Down Productions member
Aerosmith's hit song, 'Walk This Way' was famously covered by this Queens rap group
In 1989 Too Short released his highest selling album, what is its title?
What does NWA stand for?
LL Cool J beefed with this west coast artist in 1988
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back is the 2nd album by this rap group
Before Scarface's solo career he was a member of this Houston rap group
1990s (type go)
Who produced New York State of Mind by Nas?
The Wu-Tang clan told you to 'Protect Ya ___'
Who said 'I never pray to God, I pray to Gotti'?
Who was Gang Starr's MC/Vocalist?
Name any 2Pac album (living)
What was the title of Dr. Dre's 1999 studio album?
'I got a pocket full of ____' - Pimp C (name what was in his pocket)
Three Six Mafia pioneered horrorcore, which city is the group from?
Which Houston DJ is credited with pioneering chopped and screwed music?
What is the title of Eminem's debut album?
2000s (type go)
Name any 50 Cent song that peaked at #1 on the US charts
Cam'ron and Jim Jones founded this rap group
Xzibit hosted this MTV show
After his beef with 50 Cent, what did Game refer to 'G-Unit' as?
Which duo produced the majority of Clipse's discography?
Name either disc from Outkasts' diamond certified double album
Which rapper was on the original version of Mike Jones' hit song 'Still Tippin' but was then cut in favor of Paul Wall?
Which Lil Wayne album sold 1 million copies first week?
What is the title of Kid Cudi's debut mixtape?
Jesus Walks was a single for which Kanye West album?
2010s (type go)
In 2012 Drake founded his very own record label, what is it called?
What is the title of A$AP Rocky's breakout mixtape?
TDE stands for what?
Who produced YG's debut album, 'My Krazy Life'?
What was 2 Chainz' stage name before he changed it to 2 Chainz?
Freddie Gibbs dissed this trap legend on his song 'Real'
In 2013 this Atlanta legend was sent to prison for illegally owning a firearm
What is the title of Wiz Khalifa's only album to debut #1
Big Sean's 'Control' featured two artists, Kendrick Lamar, and who?
'These bitches love ___' - Chief Keef (who do the bitches love?)
Bonus: Mega Philosophy is the 8th studio album for which New York artist?

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