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Can you answer these questions about the 2016 NBA playoffs?

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Which team had two players score 41 points in a playoff game?
Which team beat the Warriors twice in a row for the first time?
In what arena will the last game of the NBA Finals be played?
Which NBA player had twenty six rebounds in one game?
What day did the NBA Draft lottery occur?
What day the NBA Playoffs begin?
Which team made the most three pointers in playoff history?
What team was OKC playing when Durant got ejected?
Which player is guaranteed a championship ring?
Which player hit a half court buzzer-beater against the Heat?
What team was the first to beat the cavaliers in the playoffs?
Which team beat the Charlotte Hornets in a game seven?
Which player led the NBA in playoff technical's for 2016?
Which team won the NBA Finals?
What player threw his mouth piece at a fan?
How much was curry fined after his ejection?
What western conference team was the only one that was swept?
Which NBA team came back from a 3-1 deficit in the Conference Finals?
Which Warriors starter injured his knee in the Finals?
Which player made eleven threes in a single game?

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