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Can you name the Top 50 Players of the 20th Century by Poetic Portrait?

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Poetic DescriptionPlayerHint
n°1 - 'Pelé'No hint needed
n°2 - “The Splendor and Misery of the Golden Boy”Pibe de Oro
n°3 - “The Blonde Arrow”Played for Argentina, Spain and Colombia
n°4 - “The Champion of the New Frontier”Total Football
n°5 - “The Little Boy between Goals and Magic”Won two World Cups
n°6 - “Colonel Bum Bum”Hungarian Scoring Machine
n°7 - 'The Man who symbolized Il Grande Torino”The First Modern football Player
n°8 - “Pepe of the Devil”Scored the equalizer in the biggest upset of all time
n°9 - “Playmaker and Solist, Michel the King”UEFA Big shot
n°10 - “All bow down for Kaiser Franz”The First Sweeper
n°11 - “The Bomber of the Nineties”Retired too soon
n°12 - “A Portrait of the Black Panther”Portuguese King of Goodison Park
n°13 - “The Sparrow with Broken Wings”The Joy of the People
n°14 - “The Strongest Dandy of the World”Member of the European Parliament
n°15 - “Against the Ghost of Pelé”Genius without a World Cup
n°16 - “Omar, the Genius Rebel”Played with Angel Labruna and John Charles
n°17 - “El Divino between History and Legend”The First Great Goalkeeper
n°18 - “The Bomber without a Scudetto”Scored a brace in a World Cup final
n°19 - “Phenomenon or Meteor?”Crystal Knees
n°20 - “The Monument called Dino”Oldest winner of the World Cup
n°21 - “The Champion who lived Twice'Played with his brother Jack
n°22 - “The Were-Rabbit of the Goal”'Mazzola'
n°23 - “The Fireman of the Goal”5 times Serie A Top Scorer
n°24 - “Always Mission in Action”Left Foot Magic
n°25 - “Little Paolo, he killed the Mirage”Totonero
Poetic DescriptionPlayerHint
n°26 - “The Magic of the Black Diamond”The inventor of the 'Bicycle Kick'
n°27 - “Fragile and Indestructable”Il Divin Codino
n°28 - “The legend of the Black Spider'The Wall of Dynamo
n°29 - “Inventor of the Falling Leaf”Amazing Brazilian Playmaker
n°30 - “A Predestined Champion”8 Champions League Finals
n°31 - “The Legend of the Baron”The Wizard of the Dribble
n°32 - “Violinist of Tango and Goals”Mumo, from Independiente to Juventus
n°33 - “Keep trying, Lothar”Most Games in the history of the World Cup
n°34 - “The Champion on Tip Toe”Skillful Italian Defender
n°35 - “The Goal Hunter”68 Goals in 62 Caps
n°36 - “The Tragedy of Cartavelina”The Paperman, Austrian athlete of the century
n°37 - “A Genius Gypsy of the Goal”The Man for whom Camp Nou was built
n°38 - “Perhaps the last Icon”Il Grande Milan
n°39 - “The Last King of Rome”Creative Brazilian with curly hairs
n°40 - “A Strong and Gentle Bomber”Bayern and Inter striker
n°41 - “A film completely in Black and White’Once the highest goalscorer of the Old Lady
n°42 - “With a Goal always in the pipes”Argentina's all-time leading scorer
n°43 - “The Legend of the Clever Baron”One third of Grenoli
n°44 - “The Good Giant”As good at Centre back as at Centre Forward
N°45 - “An Encyclopedic Fullback”The first attacking fullback
n°46 - “The Architect of the Magician”The world Most expensive footballer in 1961
n°47 - “A left Foot that baffled”A Moustache and thunderous free kicks
n°48 - “Class and Grinta of the leader”One of the all-time top scoring defenders
n°49 - “The Man who reinvented the Centre Forward”Scored a hat-trick in the Game of the Century
n°50 - “The Little Bird that sang an Opera”Swedish goal scoring winger with incredible dribbling ability

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