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In which stadium did the 1982 World Cup Final take place ?
Which english winger, former Royal Air Force officer, was nicknamed the 'Bogota Bandit' when he chose to play for Bogota Santa Fe in Colombia in 1950, to escape the british minimum
Which Czech midfielder scored the game-winning penalty kick of the 1976 Euro final against West Germany on an amazing trick play ?
Which french club's youth academy has produced the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Patrick Vieira, Gael Clichy, Sebastien Frey or Johan Micoud ?
Which gifted playmaking centre back captained Argentina to its first World Cup title in 1978 ?
Which promising italian playmaker, star of the Torino, was killed by a car at 24 in 1967 ?
Which great german coach led Borussia Dortmund to the Champions League title in 1997 ?
Which italian international was AS Monaco's goalkeeper from 2001 to 2009 ?
In Which city can you find Stadio San Nicola ?
Which turkish striker is the fastest scorer ever in the history of the World Cup ?
QuestionsAnswersTrivia (hidden)
Alessandro Del Piero's nickname is the name of an italian painter of the Renaissance. Which one ?
Which Dutch innovative manager invented 'Total Football', leading Ajax to 3 consecutive European Cup victories in 1971, 72 and 73 ?
Which Hungarian player, who also played for Czechoslovakia and Spain, was voted FC Barcelona's best player ever in 1999 ?
Which english striker is the all-time leading scorer of the english First Division ?
Which former Ajax and Rangers striker is Georgia's all-time leading scorer ?
In which city are the UEFA headquarters ?
What is the name of FC Barcelona's youth academy ?
Which formidable Austrian playmaker was nicknamed the 'Mozart of Football' and 'The Paperman' ?
Which Dutch manager led PSV Eindhoven to a surprise win in the 1988 Champions League ?
After Paolo Maldini, which italian goalkeeper has played the most games in Serie A ?

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