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What Is Shawn's Japanese Name?Correct! In the Japanese anime version, Shawn Frost is known as Shirou Fubuki.
Shawn's Defense MoveCorrect! When Shawn is in his normal state, this hissatsu can be used.
Shawn's First Attack MoveCorrect! Shawn's first attack move (or first shown on TV) is known as Eternal Blizzard.
Shawn's Other Attack MoveWolf Legend was Fubuki/Shawn's second attack move.
Shawn and Axel's Joint HissatsuCorrect! Axel and Shawn created a combined attack known as 'Crossfire'.
Shawn and Nathan's Joint HissatsuCorrect! Nathan and Shawn created a combined attack called 'The Hurricane!'
Shawn and Thor's Joint HissatsuShawn Frost and Thor Stawberg created a joint hissatsu known as 'Thunder Beast'.
Shawn's Second Defense MoveCorrect! Shawn's defense move is known as Snow Angel.
Shawn and Kevin's Join HissatsuCorrect! :) Shawn Frost and Kevin Dragonfly created Wyvern Blizzard by combining Eternal Blizzard and Wyvern Crash!
Shawn, Axel and Mark's Joint HissatsuMark, Axel and Shawn created a three-way move known as The Earth!
What Is Shawn's Brother Called?Correct! Aiden Frost was Shawn's brother!
What Killed Shawn's Brother?Correct! Shawn and his brother were in their car, and an avalanche struck, Aiden saved his brother's life, but ended up being killed in the process.
What Was Shawn's Original Team Called? (Before Raimon)Correct! Before coming to Raimon, Shawn trained with a soccer team known as Hakuren/Alpine.
Shawn, Jude and Xavier's Joint HissatsuCorrect! Shawn, Jude and Xavier adapted a killer shot known as 'Big Bang'
Shawn, Erik and Jude's Joint HissatsuShawn, Jude and Erik all worked together to create Koutei Penguin No. 2!!!
What Is Shawn Usually Seen Wearing?Correct! Shawn often wears a scarf!
What Is Shawn's Shirt Number?Correct! Shawn's shirt number is 9. In the anime anyway...
How Old Is Shawn? (In Inazuma Eleven)Correct! Shawn is a fourteen year old boy who likes to play football.
How Old Is Shawn? (In Inazuma Eleven GO)Correct! In GO, all the characters are much older. Shawn is 24
Besides FootBall, What Other Sports Is Shawn Good At?Correct! Shawn proved himself to be a snowboarding legend!

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